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Villa kid 93
About Me

Villa kid's life

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Hi again, on this page I'll tell you more about myself, and what I do for hobbies etc.

I am 12 years old, 13 on the 12th of May. I like to play football and watch football as it's my life!!!! As I mentioned earlier I play for a team called Royce Rangers and support Aston Villa. I also like to play basketball and american football. I have got 2 dogs, a cat, a mouse and 2 fish. I also like chatting to my friends on MSN. In my spare time I normally watch tele or go on car site like top gear. I think it's cool because you can see all the latest cars and information.

Where I have lived

I have lived all around England, as my parents are in the Royal Air Force, I have lived other other places but it was too long ago to remember.
Odiham - I lived there for about 4 years, I had lots of mates but my main mates then were, Josh Breeze, William Rooney, Micheal Benge and  Micheal Dweeb.

Cottesmore - Cottesmore was probably the best place to grow up in as I had lots of friends there, my best mates then were, Martin Tasker, Dan O'Donnell, Toby Bennett and Glen Tasker.

Swayfield - Where I live now, my mates in the village are, Sam & Will Farrell, Callum Jackson, Jake Stanley and Joe Cooke. My main mates at school are, George, Callum , Tom, Jake, Ryan, Dan, Robi, Ben L, Jordan, Danny, Sam S, Ryan M, Conor J, Laura, Rosie, Aimee, Ruby, Bethany, Eilis, Jess and Emma D.

Ross Stuttard
Here's a picture of me sitting at the computer desk. I was wearing my "we the people" hat then, and yes its the same one that fell in the aquarium in france!
I'm in the middle

George and Me

Me and George
I'm on the left
Here's a picture of me and my best mate George, the pic was taken at school, as my friend Callum sent it to me from his phone, it somehow got on the internet aswell, as I can view the pictures on my phone and on the internet. The pic was taken just before Josh and someone else had a fight.

Me and my dog
Maisie chasing me

I'm on the right

This picture was taken some time ago in the summer, my dog Maisie was chasing me while I was playing with the football, my football.


Here's a list of some of my favorite bands:
CKY, Alter bridge, U2, John Cena and tha trademarc.

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Carribean and Longest Yard

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